The „Nugget Plus“ means a Nugget plus more storage space, plus solid toilet

Ford Nugget Plus HD Westfalia, Category C

The Nugget Plus is a advance development of the normal nugget with a frequently desired option, a properly built-in toilet. Now this wish can finally be fulfilled in the kitchen area including the privacy screen. In addition, the Westfalia high roof offers a huge roof bed (1.40 x 2.30 meters) with comfortable 60 cm headroom. It offers comfortably room for two adults and one child and is well ventilated by three windows with roller blinds and mosquito nets. The bed in the high roof can also be used as a luggage space for bags or surfboards during the trip.

The lower bench is quickly converted to a comfortable bed (1.30 x 1.91 meters). Also the lower room is well ventilated by the two sliding windows. The kitchen with worktop, sink and the cabinet surfaces looks modern and in a functional design.

Two high-performance gel batteries supplies the interior lighting with energy-saving LED spotlights, a 40-liter refrigerator and a 3.0 kW diesel auxiliary heater. High-quality drawers and cabinet doors can open and close easily. A 42/42 liter fresh/waste water tank is available for the kitchen and the outdoor shower. The air conditioning is not only pleasant in the passenger compartment. Due to the 40 cm longer version of the Nugget Plus, it also has additional storage space through additional cabinets.

Maximum capacity
Adults / Children 2 / 3
Sitzgurte vorn / hinten 2 / 3
Bed dimensions in cm
Overhead bed 140 x 230
Sofa bed or folding bed 130 x 191
Vehicle Dimensions in meters
Length 5,34
Width 1,98
External height 2,85
Technical specifications
Motorization 2.0 l / 131 PS
Transmission Hand
Fuel Tank Diesel
About consumption / 100 km 7 – 10 l
Four-wheel drive No
Power steering / brakes Yes / Yes
Air Conditioning Driver cabin Yes
Radio Yes
CD / Cassette Yes / No
Child seat attachment Isofix
Parking heater 3.0 KW
Facilities in the kitchen, bath and vehicle
Cooler up to -20 ° Yes
Gas stove Yes
Sink Yes
el. Water pump Yes
Cold water Yes
Warm water No
Shower inside /
Outdoor Shower
No / Yes
Washbasin Yes
Mobile toilet No
Toilet Yes
Fresh water tank 42 l
Waste water tank 42 l
Sunshade Yes
Parking heater Yes

The Exterior

The Interior